So, now I’d like to…

So we have had our third day of learning as part of the New Faculty Experience. We’ve learned some pretty cool things and it’s pretty great that the facilitators are meeting us where we are at. One of the things we got to play with is kahoot, a quick online quiz, such as kahoot, which would be great for an easy knowledge check part way through the lesson or at the start of the next lesson. We also explored different ways of getting students engaged and involved such as jigsaws, one sentence summaries or empty outlines.

I look forward to being able to incorporate some of these more engaging learning techniques into my classes moving forward!


Growing and Learning

Here I am writing to my future self. My 5-day future self. ┬áToday I started a full-time job at Fleming College as a Psychology Professor. I am so excited!! Psychology is a passion for me – I love it! It makes me PSYCHED! So psyched, in fact, that I think EVERYONE should feel the same way as me. I need to accept, however, that not everyone will. My hope, future self, is that you will build the skills necessary to do the best you can to make everyone feel at least a little bit psyched about psych and its connection to the world around us.

I truly believe in life-long learning. I am a life-long student (so far!), and I hope that during this week (and year) of orientation, I will take my existing skills and build upon them to become the best teacher I can be. So, future self – make the most of this week. Learn how best to engage our students. Learn the best ways to make them love learning as I love learning. Let’s get everyone PSYCHED!